I have played golf a lot in Thailand. Having a one stop shop like the Golden Ferret Golf Society is THE way to go! I have tried it all. Both other agencies and on my own.

Other agencies do not have the personal touch like Peter's place. On my own I had to call international for tee times and could never get what I wanted. I don't speak Thai :( Once in country, the next problem was finding my way to the golf course.

I have been in tuk tuks, cabs, motor scooters (I never tried an elephant). I have missed tee times because of the driver being lost and have even showed up at the wrong course and wasted the whole day. Once at the course I usually ended up in a group of people who weren't fun or were very bad golfers. And there wasn't any way to communicate picking up a game. When you go on your own it is 80/20 the wrong way that your cab will be there when your done. None of those problems apply when you go with Peter! The show time is great, not to early not to late.

And Peter takes care of everything: Breakfast, transport in a nice van, coordinating fees and caddies, organizing the match, you get to golf with great guys, and you get fed and a brew when your back and sort out the bets. Great stuff Peter! I'll be definitely be back and good luck.